The 15 Best Mini Washing Machine of 2020

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By Janet Woods

Dec 01, 2019

mini washing machine

Thinking of a mini washing machine, many of us imagine an ineffective apparatus with an unimpressive design and poor functionality. The fact is, however, that portable washing machine and dryer of this kind can be no less efficient than their full-size analogs. An average mini washing machine is powerful enough to clean, rinse, and dry garments of all types and with all sorts of stains. Many manufacturers provide a variety of additional options, such as different cycles and temperatures, water level control, timer, and so on. Get acquainted with our mini washing machine top list – and select the one that will meet all of your requirements. All the models described below are portable, lightweight, and space-efficient.


Best Efficient Portable Washing Machine: Giantex Twin-Tub 13 lbs

Best Semi-Automatic  Washing Machine: Kuppet Blue Semi-Automatic 7.7lbs

Best Mini Portable Washing Machine: COSTWAY Portable Washer and Spinner

Best Quiet-Operating Portable Washing Machine: Della Washer and Dryer Machine

Best Two-Tub Portable Washing Machine: KUPPET Semi-Automatic Purple Washer, 10 lbs

Best Full-Automatic Portable Washing Machine: JupiterForce Full-Automatic Portable Washer

Best Economy Portable Washing Machine: HomGarden Washer 8.8 lbs

Best Easy-in-Use Portable Washing Machine: Wonder Washer 10 Liter Capacity

Best Manual Portable Washing Machine: Lavario Mini Washing Unit

Best Functional Portable Washing Machine: HomeLabs Top Loading Washer and Dryer

Best Capacity Portable Washing Machine: Giantex Double-Tub, 16 lbs

Best Powerful Portable Washing Machine: Super Deal Washer, Pump Build-in

Best Energy-Saving Portable Washing Machine: Xedragony Laundry Machine Mini Combo 

Best Space-Effective Portable Washing Machine: Washer Bucket Non-Electric

Best Quality Portable Washing Machine: Farberware Professional Washer 7 lbs.

How We Test Washing Machines

Testing washing machines in order to select the best devices, we evaluate several of their functional features at the same time. All the nuances are important – its spaciousness, case dimensions, power type, motor power, available options.


The Giantex mini washing machine has two drums – one for rinsing and soaking, the second for draining clothes. The model is lightweight and compact, yet powerful. Its capaciousness is 3.6 kg for the first drum and 1.8 kg for the second one. There is a wash regulator so that you could adjust the program to the type of cloth, and two timers: 5-15 minutes for washing and 1-5 minutes for extraction. It won’t take you long to learn the way the portable mini washing machine from Giantex operates. Simply put the linen into the tub, select the duration and the regime of washing, and wait for the items to become clean. Then, if necessary, proceed to spin-drying. The apparatus is eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

The manual-automatic mini washing machine from the Kuppet Production Company has a semipellucid body frame with a volume of 3.5 kg. Such a construction lets users check when it’s time to change water without turning off the program. The model features a time control button with set-points 3, 6, 9, 12, and 15 minutes so that a user could select the most suitable duration of clothes cleaning. The Kuppet mini washing machine has a drain tube, which makes the process of dirty water draining much easier and faster. There are no wringing opportunities in this model – you’ll have to wring out clothes by hand. In all other respects, this mini washing machine is perfect for small loads and delicate fabrics.


Have a look at this 5.5 lbs Costway mini washing machine, which is great for tiny bathrooms and trips. You can take it anywhere you go and use it in hostels and motels, as it weighs only 6.3 kg. Featuring a single drum, the apparatus can wash and rinse items for up to 10 minutes, whereafter you’ll have to attach the drain hose and get rid of muddy water. There is no spin basket in this mini washing machine. The Costway device operates half-automatically: it cannot stop filling with water by itself, so you’ll have to control this process.


The Della mini washing machine and dryer will surely impress you with its twin tub, which can accommodate up to 4 kg for washing and 2 kg for spinning. The programs start simultaneously. Made from high-quality plastic, this Della model is durable and quiet. It is compact, convenient, and soft. The body frame is transparent, the control panel – intuitive, and the inlet hose – easy to attach. There are a spin dryer lid, a basket, a filter, and a pulsator inside this mini washing machine. All these elements aim to proper cleaning and drying of all sorts of clothing. 

With this mini washing machine, you’ll forget about the problem of dirty T-shirts, jeans, and sweaters. The model easily copes with all sorts of contamination on your clothing. Its large wave pulses and increased water flow guarantee convenient, accurate, and effective washing of all sorts of fabric. The two-tub construction makes this process even more comfortable. The waste-pipe provided in this Kuppet mini washing machine with dryer allows you to forget about the problem of wastewater removal. The color of the model – bright purple – turns it into an elegant element of the interior design.

Meet one more item in our mini washing machine collection: JupiterForce, with a 1.6 cubic feet drum, ten regimes of washing, and eight water levels. With this domestic helper, you can spin, rinse, or air-dry your trousers and pullovers; there are also the options of fast and normal cleaning. An important advantage of the JupiterForce mini washing machine is that it has a digital display that shows the current program and the time remaining. Besides, there is a suction hose in the set, which can be attached to the spicket for faster and easier filling of the drum. With its compact shape and tiny weight, the device is as powerful and functional as full-size stationary washers. 

Whatever you need to wash, you can always entrust your garments to the HomGarden mini washing machine. Featuring an automated rinsing cycle for the removal of soap, a user-friendly program selector, and a traditional time regulator, the apparatus will leave your clothes clean. It’s worth noting that the model’s tub is manufactured from top-quality PP plastic, which is both rust-resistant and durable. You can use the HomGarden mini washing machine for large heaps of solid linen – up to 4 kg. The spin basket is removable, as well as the draining hose. Apply these elements whenever you need and store the device in the tiniest place of your bathroom or hall closet.

If you need an effective, yet portable mini washing machine, pay special attention to this model. Equipped with an ergonomic carrying handle, it can be easily removed anywhere and used without connection to a water source. There are two programs in this model – “standard” and “gentle” with durability up to 15 minutes. Select the one based on your cloth type and the degree of filthiness. With the drum volume of 10 liters, this Wonder mini washing machine is suitable for cleaning bath towels, bed linen, and even outer garments. You should bear in mind, however, that the device has no spin cycle.

This mini washing machine from the American manufacturer is totally non-electric. All you need to do is to put the linen, water, and cleanser into the tub and start moving the handle up and down. It will take you 10-20 minutes to make the garments fresh and shining. After the procedure, you can easily drain the used water and proceed to rinse. The Lavario mini washing machine does not require power supply – use it anywhere you want, even in the out-of-doors. This hand-operated device lets users save not only electricity but also water and cleanser, as it consumes very little of them. This mini washing machine is much lighter than its electric analogs.   

This laundry system will impress you with its functionality and convenient design. Featuring five different cycles and three water levels, the hOmeLabs mini washing machine is suitable for delicate fabrics and sizable garments. For instance, it will help you clean your flat sheets and jeans in no time and without extra power waste. Being an effective mini washing machine and dryer, this model works with comparatively low noise (72 dB) and high spin speed (680 RPM). The 0.9 cubic feet drum is made of serviceable, corrosion-resistant plastic. The construction of this mini washing machine includes adaptive legs and handles – for easier and faster transportation.  

The core benefit of this Giantex mini washing machine is its increased capacity for both tubs. Now you can clean more clothes synchronously – up to 4 kg for washing and up to 3.2 kg for spinning. Don’t lose time waiting for the program to end up, put the things into the apparatus, add the cleansing agent, and select the cycle. Look at the lid of this Giantex mini washing machine: here, you can select the necessary regime and its duration based on the sort of fabric and its dirtiness. The shape of the model is curved for better placement in narrow rooms and limited cabinets. Its weight is only 10.6 kg. 

What is special about this mini washing machine? First, the upgraded engine, which can operate for years without any issues. Second, a very long power cord for those users, who don’t have an electricity point within easy reach and have to plug the apparatus somewhere in the next room. Third, extensive hoses – for easier water intake and removal. With this Super Deal mini washing machine, you can forget about the problem of high sinks and baths. The model features several washing modes, a digital display demonstrating the time left, and a convenient water level controller. The device is automated – turn it on and forget about laundry troubles.

This mini washing machine is much more efficient than meets the eye. As distinguished from many other models, it has a round shape, which makes it especially advantageous for usage and storage. The apparatus is non-electric: to start cleaning clothes, use the two handles provided by the manufacturer. The first one – rotatable – launches the process of washing heavy garments. The second handle is foldable; it is used for spin-drying. The Xedragony mini washing machine lets users save electricity, water, and cleansing agents. In the process of hand washing, you don’t need too much of them – just the barest minimum of everything. The apparatus is great for baby linen, underwear, woolen and silky items, which require delicate care. 

Washer Bucker is one more manual mini washing machine in our today’s collection. With its well-knit round shape and space-saving parameters, it will become your must-have tool for trips, vacations, and weekend getaways. To clean the clothing, load the tub, add water and soap, and start pressing the pedal in the lower part of the device. This mini washing machine will let your hands have a rest: here, all the operations are performed with a footstep, not palms. You can recline against the lid of the construction so that you don’t get tired. This easy-to-use, space-effective apparatus is not just a domestic helper – it’s an excellent exercise machine for keeping fit and healthy.


The only difference between the Farberware Professional mini washing machine and full-scale devices is its size. It is light (51.7 pounds) and small (18.4 x 19.8 x 31 inches). But as for the rest – it is no less functional, powerful, and user-friendly than its bigger analogs. The mini washing machine from this manufacturer features a wide range of cycles and drying temperatures. Its construction includes a stainless drum (7 lbs. capacity), an air intake shroud, a removable lint filter, an intuitive control panel, stylish black and grey design. With the Faberware mini washing machine, you’ll easily cope with all sorts of dirty linen.

What is the smallest size of washing machine?

Normally, the parameters of a mini washing machine are 900 to 550 to 550 mm. These figures are, however, very flexible, as every manufacturer has its view of how a device should be constructed. Besides, much depends on the model’s functionality. A manual mini washing machine, for instance, can be the size of a standard plastic pail, while electrical models are always bigger and heavier. In general, all portable washers are compact enough to fit tiny bathrooms and housekeeping areas. They are also great for travelers, campers, and students.

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How do you use a mini washing machine?

Everything depends on the type of device. Automatic laundry systems run on electricity: you need to plug them into an outlet, select the necessary regime and time, whereafter the mini washing machine will clean your dresses and jeans. Commonly, portable washers are not hooked up to the plumbing system. In order to fill the tub with water, use a suction hose. In order to drain our dirty water, apply to the other hose offered in the set.


A manual mini washing machine operates differently – it has a pedal or a handle, by pressing which you make the linen inside the tub spin in the soapy water. Therefore, it becomes cleaner and fresher. It will take you some time and effort to wash items in such a device – but, finally, you’ll save electricity and water.

What is the smallest full-size washer and dryer?

mini washing machine and dryer

Following the American standards, a full-size laundry system is 685.8 mm wide. A mini washing machine with dryer, in its turn, has the width of 101.6 mm. Its standard load capacity is from 3 to 5 kg. In our TOP-15, however, you will easily find a smaller mini washing machine with the same allowable load parameters – look through the list. 

mini washing machine with dryer

What is the best portable washing machine?

Yes – although they are not very popular yet. In the USA, people are used to common laundries and laundromats because they are powerful, affordable, and help to save a lot of space in smaller dwellings. However, an intense lifestyle can make it a problem to visit laundries very often. So people think of compact and portable solutions for smaller laundry loads they can deal with at home. This way, portable washing machines become very popular due to their energy efficiency, low price, eco-friendly performance, and little time expenditures for a single laundry cycle. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to