The 12 Best Portable Washing Machines to Buy in 2020, According to Cleaning Experts

Whether you need a portable, energy-saving and high-quality washing machine.

By Janet Woods

April 25, 2020

Portable washing machines are a great way out if you live in a dorm or a small apartment and are sick and tired of using standard laundry rooms or laundromats. That’s why they are cheaper, better technically equipped and more ecologically friendly. However, there are dozens of reasons why you may want to have your mini washing machine at home. We decided to list the top 5: it saves you time; protects your clothing from any contact with your neighbor’s clothing. Portable washing machine doesn’t take too much space, is cheap, and doesn’t add any effort when you decide to move. It even may not be compared with a full-sized front-load or top-load washing machine with similar functionality. No plumbing adjustments are required – all you need is a sink or faucet to connect the machine and start your laundry. It can be conveniently stored after you have finished with the wash.

The best portable washing machines to buy in 2020 are:

Best Compact Portable Washing Machine: SUPER DEAL Mini Twin Tub

Best Functional Portable Washing Machine: hOmeLabs Compact 6 lbs. Capacity

Best Capacity Portable Washing Machine: SUPER DEAL 5th Generation Mini Compact Twin Tub

Best Stylish Portable Washing Machine: KUPPET Semi-Automatic small washer

Best Low-Weight Portable Washing Machine: ZenStyle 9.9-lbs. compact mini twin-tub from 

Best Powerful Portable Washing Machine: JupiterForce 2-in-1 full-automatic portable

Best Combo Portable Washing Machine: 4-EVER washer, spinner, dryer

Best Energy-Saving Portable Washing Machine: COSTWAY Compact washing and drying unit

Best Easy-To-Operate Portable Washing Machine: Giantex Portable Mini

Best Semi-Automatic Portable Washing Machine: COSTWAY mini laundry

Best Price Portable Washing Machine: Single Tub As Seen On TV Wonder Washer

Best Quiet-Working Portable Washing Machine: KUPPET Mini Portable

How We Test Washing Machines

Small washing machines are a smart choice for most people – as long as you find the right model for you. Our thorough market research for the top models of portable washing machines and reviews will help you to select the best one matching your needs. No matter if you are looking for a cheap portable washing machine, a mini portable washing machine to take on vacation, or a highly reliable one. We managed to We tested different models of portable washing machines and identified the 12 best units, judging them by such parameters as capacity, operating modes, washing quality, ease of use. Below you can find best rated portable washing machines:


SUPER DEAL Electric Portable Compact Washing Machine

Rated with 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this small and extremely lightweight portable washing machine for apartments is an excellent aid for your household. It combines a washer (with the 5.5-lb capacity) and a spinner (with a 4.4-lb capacity). The washing machine hooks right up to the kitchen faucet in a couple of minutes – and you’re ready to start.


Key advantages: electric, no batteries required; gravity drain pump; drain hose; Right Rinse technology with two deep rinses each cycle – for great rinsing results without water overuse; you may carry out the process of washing and spinning dry loads simultaneously; the control timer for washer – up to 15 minutes, the control cycle timer for spinner – up to 5 minutes; it fits any laundry detergent: soaps, powders, liquids, tablets, etc.

HomeLabs 6-lb Capacity Portable Compact Washing Machine

The presented unit is one of the best portable washing machines due to its impressive rating (4.8 out of 5) and the combination of useful features at a relatively low price. This fully automatic washing machine takes only 0.9 cubic feet space of your apartment to offer superb washing, rinsing, and spinning cycles for brilliant-clean clothing. Its stainless steel drum allows putting 6 lbs. of clothes inside and gets it clean with the help of 5 different washing programs and three water levels. Suitable for families and individuals with variable loads of clothing each time. Offers premium options, which one may compare to professional full-sized washing machines.


Key advantages: the weight of the device is just 48.5 lbs.; the size is 23.28 x 17.91 x 27.16 inch; two roller wheels for convenient movement; transparent lid, adjustable legs, useful handles, a lint filter, and a drain pump – for effortless draining out the water; different washing programs (Heavy, Gentle, Normal, Rapid and Soak) and different water levels; LED touchpad control panel; Quite spin.


SUPER DEAL 2-in-1 Mini Portable Washing Machine

This portable mini washing machine with a dryer is built to last and is easily movable and lightweight at the same time. Its space-saving design makes it an excellent choice for apartments, dorms, camps, motor homes, or wherever there is limited space. This mini portable washing machine is a single technical appliance to wash and dry: the device helps to save detergent, time, and money in comparison to laundromats. You can wash using any detergent, from soaps to powders, liquids, and other types.


The inner tube allows loading of 11-lbs laundry at a time. If you need more, repeat the washing cycle. Separate timer control: the washing time is 15 min, and the spinning time is 5 minutes per each load. It should be enough for most of the situations. 

Key advantages: the body made of high-density plastic combined with an aluminum pump to last for years; two built-in units: for washing and for spinning out water; energy efficiency; a separate drain tube to drain out water directly; Right Rinse technology for thorough rinses without water waste; Smart Drain Pump System – to drain with pauses, which is a great deal in case of small sinks.

KUPPET Mini Washing Machine For Dorms And Apartments

The greatest thing about this mini portable washer is its size and compact shape that fits even the smallest spaces. This tiny household helper offers noticeable flexibility in doing your laundry: it is incredibly user-friendly and ecologically safe. The transparent lid helps to check the water condition during the washing. The UL-certified power cord and motor are eco-friendly painted to protect from allergies. Charming and attractive design of this mini washing machine is another factor making you choose this model.


Key advantages: a separate timer control for washer and spinner: 15 minutes versus 5 minutes per each laundry load to save your time and get crystal clean clothing in no time; capacity 7.7 lbs.; weight total of 12.12 pounds; small size: 21.2 x 16.1 x 14.4 inches; super easy use: load the portable washing machine with your laundry, fill it with water, set the timer and you are ready to go; drain tube for a quick and easy drain of dirty water; perfect for small loads.


ZenStyle Twin-Tub Portable Washing Machine For Apartments

This mini washing machine only looks delicate and straightforward: it has a powerful yet low-noise motor (rated power 21Wcapacity), top open lid, high productivity. It helps you get nicely washed, carefully rinsed, and clean clothing in no time. Convenient storage becomes possible due to its small size –only 3.6 inches thickness. The single tub design is comfortable and easy to be used for washing and spin-drying. You get a small portable washing machine with a dryer that performs both tasks simultaneously. The total capacity is 0.3 kg., which is enough for most homes. The water inlet hose is convenient for filling the washing machine with water. Low noise level and almost no vibration during the washing and spinning.


Key advantages: dual functions: washing and spinning; comfortable fit the smallest spaces: like bathrooms or closets; body from Silica gel; compact and lightweight design; separate timers for washing and spinning; energy-saving performance; a smart choice for dorms, college rooms, camping, traveling, and smaller apartments.

JupiterForce 2-in-1 Full-Automatic Portable

Searching for a portable washing machine and dryer combo, consider JupiterForce powerful washer rated 5 out of 5 on Amazon. According to customer reviews, this model of a mini washing machine is prevalent and is worth its price. This portable washing machine is not a cheap one; it costs significantly more than other washing machines sold by competitors. However, you need to consider its features and advantages to get a full picture of what it can do for you. The transparent, user-friendly lid controls help you to monitor the process and navigate it with ease. The washing machine has intake hoses to hook on the faucet and fill the washing machine with the necessary level of water. However, you may choose manual water adding, if you wish. Great functionality paired with durability, convenient use, and noise-free operation is what makes this washing machine unique.


Key advantages: the large capacity inner tub is suitable for 10 lbs. of clothing at a time; the multifunctional LED display helps to adjust the washing cycle by selecting from 10 available programs, eight water levels, and additional functions (spin level, delay, time, child lock); settings for detergent and procedure types to meet the individual needs; 110V outlet; exterior material – ABS+PP Plastic – lightweight, durable and safe; size 19.7″x19.8″x33.6″(L x W x H)/50.04cmx50.29cmx85.34cm (L x W x H); weight 48.5Lbs/22kg; top load; quiet operation mode; gravity drainage system.

4-EVER Portable Combo (Washer, Spinner, Dryer)

This small-sized portable washing machine can compare with a large washing machine of a professional class. With its help, you can quickly wash, rinse, and dry your clothing using separate washing and drying modules. A special 15-minute timer, an easy-to-establish drain hose, and the available water inlet allow users to do their laundry quickly and effectively. The washer capacity is ten lbs., while the dryer capacity is 17 lbs. A lot more than competitors offer for similar washing machines. Feel free to wash large clothing garments, towels, and even thin bed linen. An excellent choice for families with kids: if you need to wash the clothes frequently and have no desire to waste your time at laundromats, pay attention to this device.


Key advantages: effective spin dryer – get your clothes 90% dry after the washing; compact size: 23.6”x14.37”x28.74”; no batteries required – electricity-powered; transparent plastic lid for water monitoring; convenient control panel; all necessary basic functions included; a great option for dorms, small apartments, and motor homes.


COSTWAY Compact Energy-Saving Washing And Drying Machine

The unit is perfect washing equipment for small apartments, dorms, RV’s, condos. Comfort usage guaranteed: its low weight allows moving the machine quickly. The presented washing unit is known for its stylish design and high-quality materials. Make washing and drying processes easy and pleasurable. A build-in drain tube allows a user to drain out dirty water quickly.


Key advantages: easy and comfortable in operation; the unit has timer control (washing up to 10 min, spinning – 5 min); transparent lid allows controlling water conditions; high-quality customer service; compact size 22.4 x 15.9 x 14.6 inches; low weight – 13.98 pounds.

Being small but very powerful, this washing machine cleans the clothing and saves a lot of space at home. An excellent choice for apartments, condos, motor homes, RV’s and so on, if you don’t like laundromats and standard laundry rooms. Convenient control buttons, minimalistic design, easy use, and storage make this washing machine a must-have.

GIANTEX Mini Washing Machine With 8-lbs. Capacity

An easy-to-operate portable washing machine is created to make your household chores more comfortable and save your time. It has enough capacity (8 lbs.). Several washing modes were designed to meet your individual needs. This portable washing machine is an excellent choice for families and households with little free space but an increased demand for regular laundry. You can use it daily or just from time to time: its compact size and powerful performance meet to satisfy your needs.


Key advantages: easy to set up and start using right away; single-tub construction for compact environment laundry; features 3 water level (L/16L M/23L H/30L); drainage tube to drain out water; energy effective and eco-friendly; separate timer control for washing and spinning; different modes available (washing; washing and spinning; soaking, washing and rinsing; washing or spinning only); fully automatic; weight 37.4 pounds.

COSTWAY Semi-automatic mini laundry

Amazon users rate this portable mini washing machine with four stars. If you are searching for a cheap portable washing machine, consider this option. It has comfortable single tub design, washing and spinning modes, timer control. The presented washing machine is an excellent choice for small spaces. Its powerful motor provides highly effective cleaning without much noise and vibration. An excellent choice for those who value convenience and quality.


Key advantages: 7 lbs. capacity – enough for family use; the dimensions of 14 x 14 x 20 inches help it fit any bathroom or closet; comfortable, clear lid (control the washing process); water inlet hose and a drain hose; option of adjusting washing time; eco-friendly operation modes, low energy consumption.


Single Tub As Seen On TV Wonder Washer

The presented tiny portable washing machine is perfect for accurate home washing and drying. It features a total capacity of 10 liters. Washes clothes and spins it thoroughly. This is an ideal decision thanks to lightweight, functionality, stylish design. Compact unit requires few places, access to water, and place for draining. One washing cycle longs 5-15 minutes, according to user’s need.


Key advantages: simple in use, quite working, compact, efficient; low weight (8 pounds only); overall sizes 13 x 10 x 13 inches; stylish, attractive design; washes and spins clothes at the same time; perfect unit for small dwellings – flats, college rooms, dorms, RV camping, etc.; energy-saving.

KUPPET Mini Portable Washing Machine

Electric portable washing machine for apartments from KUPPET. Doing laundry has never been so easy: large capacity (11 lbs.), translucent tub, timer control. It is perfect for small loads and delicate fabrics. This portable washing machine with be your best helper in laundry and saves you a lot of money and time. High-qualified materials guarantee perfect either washing or spinning and drying process.

Key advantages: easy-to-use: load, fill with water, set the timer and start the laundry; quickly movable and lightweight; dimensions:16.3*14.2*25.6inches.

What are the best portable washing machines to buy?

The first thing to consider is its size and weight. People who are interested in portable washing machines have limited space in their place of living. So make sure it fits your bathroom or closet for convenient storage. Another important factor is its design: there are a single tub or twin-tub portable washing machines. The second category provides a separate spinning and drying process, which usually can be carried out simultaneously with washing.


Check out the motor characteristics to understand how powerful the portable washing machine is going to be. Usually, they are equipped with a 1300 RPM motors to be able to wash small or medium loads of clothing without excess noise and vibration.


If you care about energy efficiency, pay attention to such characteristics as water and electricity use. The seller should specify them.


Some portable washing machines have many washing modes and an opportunity to select the water level. If it is essential for you, be ready that you have to pay extra 20-30 dollars for that.


The last but not the least is the design of the mini washing machine for home use: they come in different colors and materials. We would suggest choosing those with transparent lids to control the process and check if the water is clean.

How does a portable washing machine work?

Like full-sized washing machines, compact washing machines plug into the socket (however, there might be battery-operated options too). They are portable, so these appliances are lightweight, usually have wheels and handles for convenient storage and moving.


Next, put your load of laundry into the washing tub (pay attention to maximum washing machine capacity and never exceed it if you want proper operation). Hook up a water inlet (for automatic performance) or fill in water with the help of a bucket (not necessary for most modern portable washing machines). Add the detergent of your choice inside, set the wash timer. In some models of portable washing machines, there is a Soak mode. Use it if the clothing has stains. Most compact washing machines support all detergent types: soaps, powders, liquids, and do on.


Usually, the maximum time for one cycle of washing is 15 minutes. Repeat the washing cycle if you don’t find it enough. However, in most cases, 15 minutes is enough. After the washing is complete, the clothes should move to the spinner. Set the spinner timer. Usually, the maximum time is 5 minutes. After the washing and spinning are complete, take your laundry out, wear hangers, and let them dry naturally.

Which is the best mini washing machine?

The best mini washing machine should provide the benefits of a professional washing machine. It should be suit for home use, super compact, and easy to store in homes with limited space. Most of the models available on the market are powerful enough to provide impressive cleaning results: their total load capacity may vary from 9 to 18 pounds. In most cases, the function equally divides between the washing and the spinning cylinders. After the washing cycle is over, you may put the items in the spinning container for drying. It’s up to you to decide what capacity you may need. It depends on the number of people in your family, the intensity of wearing your clothing, and the type of clothing you prefer. So, in this aspect, the best mini washing machine is the one that fits your needs.


There are simpler models with just a couple of control buttons and more sophisticated ones with up to 8 washing modes, LED displays, and water level controls. If you live along or are regularly relocated to your working place, traveling, or living in a motor home, you may not need these extra functions. By choosing a simpler model, you can save up to 100 dollars at this purchase.


Most of the compact washing machines are of top-load type. However, they are different in design. Some have transparent lids, while others are white, and it is impossible to see what is inside before the washing stage is complete. Such characteristics are subjective and are a matter of taste.


Anyway, be ready to buy a portable washing machine. Firstly, consider your budget, evaluate the available space for storage, think of the functions you need, and the services you can live without comfortably. Secondly, compare products by price, power, and additional characteristics.

Are the portable washing machines allowed in apartments?

Yes – although they are not very popular yet. In the USA, people are used to common laundries and laundromats because they are powerful, affordable, and help to save a lot of space in smaller dwellings. However, an intense lifestyle can make it a problem to visit laundries very often. So people think of compact and portable solutions for smaller laundry loads they can deal with at home. This way, portable washing machines become very popular due to their energy efficiency, low price, eco-friendly performance, and little time expenditures for a single laundry cycle. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to