The 10 Best Small Washing Machine of 2020

Discover 10 trusted small washing machines tested by experts

By Janet Woods

Sept 29, 2019

Small washing machine

The highly-customizable small washing machine for apartment is a perfect solution for several reasons. It allows saving money costing less compared to the full-sized analogs, and the expenses connected with its running are also lower. Portable washing machine provides proper washing without twisted and knotted stuff and can be transported easily without a need in special means due to its tiny size. Using a small washing machine, you can master your time easily, refusing to go to a common laundry room and wait in line.


Viewing the options, it is important to decide on the weight, outside dimensions, tub capacity, numbers of wash cycles, and other features. The user is suggested to choose between electric small washing machine with a pulsator or central agitator and the one powered by human. Also, the appliance can have a front or top load. It can be connected to the sink or filled with water manually.


Below, there are the most popular products:


Best Energy-Saving Portable Washing Machine: Pyle Home PUCWM22

Best Double-Tubs  Washing Machine: Portable Washer by Kuppet

Best Compact Portable Washing Machine: SUPER DEAL Portable Small Washing Machine

Best Capacity Portable Washing Machine: Giantex 16lbs Portable Small Washing Machine

Best Lightweight Portable Washing Machine: COSTWAY Small Washing Machine

Best Single-Tub Portable Washing Machine: COSTWAY Electric Small Washing Machine

Best Manual Portable Washing Machine: Lavario Portable Clothes Washer

Best Price Portable Washing Machine: As Seen On TV Washing Machine

Best Reliable Portable Washing Machine: KUPPET Portable Washing Machine 7.7 lbs

Best Efficient Portable Washing Machine: hOmeLabs Portable Small Washing Machine

How We Test Washing Machines

We suggest you to get acquainted with the current rating of the portable washing machines. The presented rating was formed on the basis of a thorough assessment and testing of each of the devices under consideration. We appreciated the spaciousness, reliability, quality of washing and spinning of each machine to offer you the best solutions.


Pyle Home PUCWM22 is a good quality electric washer and dryer. This model is a two-in-one small washing machine allowing top loading. It consumes little water and energy due to its particular design. This is one of the best solutions for small loads of the laundry due to its translucent tub with capacity limited to 3.5 kg showing you what is happening inside. There is a convenient panel with rotary controls and timer. Being rather lightweight and compact (weights about 12 kg; the dimensions are 22.2 x 13.9 x 23.6 inches) this small washing machine can be taken along even on the trip.

Portable Washer by Kuppet is a small washing machine being about 10 kg in weight and having the dimensions: 21.5 x 13.6 x 23.2 inches. Its capacity equal to 4.5 kg allows small loads. In particular, this appliance is good for underwear, towels, shirts, and other things. This small washing machine is equipped with a twin tub, meaning that there are two tubs: for washing/soaking and for spinning water out of the stuff. It has a range of the beneficial options like the timer control allowing to set the washing and spinning cycles separately. It will help you to spend less time washing. There are two modes: soft and standard. The small washing machine can boast of a button design and durable construction. Its inner drum is made of stainless steel being firm and reliable providing the longer performance. It is good both for houses and camping. It is very flexible and can be transported easily without a need in a large vehicle.


SUPER DEAL Portable Small Washing Machine is 10 kg in weight and has the size: 21.9 x 14.8 x 23.2 inches. It provides the wash capacity equal to 2.5 kg while it can spin only 2 kg of the laundry. Features five types of spinning time. It is possible to set it up to 5 minutes. The construction of this small washing machine is rather stable and reliable, being made of dense plastic and having a heavy bottom. It will be in operation for a long time if the instructions are followed. It is possible to watch a washing process through the transparent walls of the body. There is a drainage tube draining out the used water without efforts. Summarizing, the small washing machine and dryer is energy-efficient working in three modes: drain, standard, soft. You can wash your woolen sweaters and silky underwear, being sure of delicate care.

Giantex 16lbs Portable Small Washing Machine is one of the best tiny washers. Being compact with 10.6 kg in weight and 22.6 x 14 x 22.2 inches in size, it is rather powerful and can boast of a range of beneficial options. Its washing capacity makes 4 kg, but its spinning capacity is lower – about 3 kg. Like any other small washing machine, it suits any compact environment. The construction consists of a couple of tubs for spin-drying and washing. There is also a drainage tube. It is possible to set the timer separately for two tubs. There will not be any difficulty with this small washing machine when it runs, because the operation is extremely easy. Just load the clothes, fill in the tub with some water watching the level limit, set the timer, and launch it. The small washing machine consumes less energy being environmentally friendly. It is perfect for a person or a couple.


COSTWAY Small Washing Machine is a semi-automatic appliance being very simple in use. It is about 6 kg in weight. Its dimensions are 14 x 14 x 20 inches. The appliance has the only tub without additional spinning one. Thus, its overall capacity makes 3 kg. This is one of the tiniest appliances for this purpose being rather efficient and consuming a little of electricity. The small washing machine allows you to benefit from gravity drain instead of build-in pump. There is a waste pipe requiring the particular location of the washer when the dirty water should be released. This small washing machine can boast of easy operation and low consumption of water and electricity. It is possible to set the timer control to adjust the washing time to the individual needs.

COSTWAY Electric Small Washing Machine is a portable semi-automatic appliance being very simple in use. It is 6 kg in weight. Its dimensions are 22.4 x 15.9 x 14.6 inches. This small washing machine includes the only tub providing a 2-in-1 function being used both for drying and washing. The capacity is equal to 2.5 kg. It is very compact and well-designed. You can choose it regardless of the place it will be used. This small washing machine meets the demand of one or two persons or can be applied under any circumstances when small loads are enough. It is operated easily with only one control knob allowing to set the time of spinning from zero to five.

Lavario Portable Clothes Washer is a unique manual non-electric small washing machine designed under the patented “power flow” technology. It can be used in a bathroom or any other room where there is a sink and even outdoors. The appliance requires slight efforts. The user should make easy up and down motions generating a water flow, and the gravity will perform the task. This small washing machine provides a gentle washing of delicate fabrics. Use it for several items like jeans or underwear when there is no sense to launch a standard sized washer. It is allowed to add some detergent and bleach. It is 4.5 kg in weight. The dimensions of this ultralight small washing machine are 24 x 19 x 19 inches with a handle when it is fully assembled. The appliance includes the only tub, made in the form of a basket holding 10 gallons of water. It is important to load it loosely because the water in a basket should wash the clothes freely. Draining can be performed with a usual garden hose.


As Seen On TV Wonder Washer is a small washing machine for apartments or houses with 10 Liter in capacity being ideal for restricted spaces. Its dimensions are 13 x 10 x 13 inches. It consists of a base with a motor, bucket, and a cover. The instruction will help you to understand the way it runs. You can even take this small washing machine with you at any place due to its lightweight equal to 3.6 kg. There is a carrying handle allowing comfortable transportation. It operates without noise and almost on the go. You can use the timer, speed settings, and choose fast or slow washing. It is affordable and does not consume a lot of electricity saving your money.

Best Choice Products Portable Small Washing Machine has overall dimensions equal to 23 x 13.5 x 26 inches. This is not the tiniest and lightest model being 13 kg in weight, but it is rather powerful. Its washer capacity is about 5 kg, while dryer capacity is about 3.5 kg. This small washing machine is reliable just as the standard-sized ones providing you with the perfect result, thoroughly washed and brilliantly spun laundry. Apply the 15-minute timer if you want to have a quick clean. It includes two tubs. The construction has a water inlet and drain hoses. You can use this small washing machine for all types of clothing and more. Its space-saving design suits any house or apartment regardless of the floor space.


hOmeLabs 0.9 Cu. Ft. Portable Small Washing Machine is 23.3 x 18 x 27.2 inches in size and 22 kg in weight. Its capacity is about 6 kg. This is the perfect way to wash clothes hassle-free, saving time and money. It can deliver almost the same performance as a larger washer. The construction is durable because the tub is made of stainless steel while the body is made of iron steel. It has a transparent lid allowing you to watch washing and the control panel with the LED digital display. The adjustable legs allow stably placing the appliance. This small washing machine is full of convenience features including lint filter, three water levels, five washing programs (Soak, Rapid, Normal, Gentle, and Heavy) providing water and electricity savings.

What is the smallest size of washing machine?

It is possible to use any common launderette but it is much better to have a washer at home and refuse washing the clothes in the place where strangers usually do it. Even if there is not enough spare place in a flat or house, the small washing machine will suit the bathroom providing cleanliness and operable condition at any time a user needs it.


There is the only shortcoming of this appliance, which should be mentioned in this article. It does not allow taking large laundry loads. It means that a user will have to run a small washing machine more often and look for a place to wash the huge blankets and flat sheets because there is no room for them in the compact tub. In all other cases, a small washing machine is full of virtues.


The size of a small washing machine does matter if there’s just two of you in the house or if you live alone. It allows saving space and money, consuming fewer resources like electricity and water. There is no standard size for a small washing machine. Such an appliance should be portable. For instance, Lemair mini is 29 x 16 x 16 inches in size being able to cope with 3.2 kg at a time. Regardless of the dimensions, the small washing machine represents good value for money as far as it is usually equipped with a range of programs still being compact.

small washing machine for apartment

What is the best mini washing machine?

The choice depends on preferences. The advanced technologies allow the users to benefit from the incredible functionality of a small washing machine, which can clean even expensive clothes requiring gentle treatment. The space-saving construction is not its only virtue. Besides, you should consider the user-friendly controls, energy and water consumption, and convenience. Among the most reliable and popular models, there is Costway Mini Washing Machine with a single tub where the stuff is washed and spun thoroughly. Perhaps, it makes too much noise, but all other features are perfect. Another nice solution is Giantex Full-Automatic Small Washing Machine being able to hold up to 4.5 kg and providing 10 programs, 8 water levels. It is reliable and functional.

How do you use a mini washing machine?

small washing machine and dryer

In general, you are expected to load the stuff into a tub of a small washing machine, add some soap powder and fabric softener, screw the hoses of the machine onto the correspondent faucets and add some water watching the level limit. Turn on and launch the appliance. But an operating procedure depends on a model. If it is important to keep it simple, there is a sense to choose the cheaper small washing machine where there is only on and off switch. But also there are more complicated ones with the temperature and speed options. Some models have rare features like “balance adjustment,” distributing the things inside the tub evenly for efficient cleaning. The complex touchpad washers are supported with the manual where all features are explained. Most small washing machines come with a kit for easy installation.

small washing machine for apartments

What is a compact washing machine?

The compact washing machine is the same as a small washing machine meaning that it can boast of a space-saving construction being still quite efficient especially when it comes to the high-priced models. Its restricted dimensions reduce its capacity. Usually, this equipment is recommended for the houses where one or two persons live. The small washing machine and dryer is definitely worth the money being secure and helpful even if it performs slower compared with the standard analogs. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to